Our Team

Mim Paquin CEO

Mim is an actor, singer, songwriter, composer and screenwriter. She began performing on stage in musicals at age 4 and since as performed in over 25 fully-staged play & musical productions. She was a full-scholarship winner to The Boston Conservatory for music, theater & dance.  Mim is the youngest recipient of Massachusetts Broadcaster Awards for writing, hosting and co-producing classical music radio programs all before the age of 17. In 1998 she wrote and produced musical video-shorts that aired on FOX TV. In 2004, her film-score for the sci-fi short The Observer received a Best Score nomination by Nantucket Film Festival.

Mim is a sought after concert soloist and actor, and has performed in over 100 concerts with orchestras and choruses throughout her lifetime. The senior editor of Opera News describes her as “a brilliant soprano” and Backstage NY describes her as having “noteworthy comedic turns, with a heart of gold”.

She developed her business acumen in marketing, customer/consumer marketing, communications, social media, brand management, web development & design, business-to-business & consumer sales– while working full-time with fashion and investment industry leaders: Nautica VF; Coty Beauty; SoftBank Capital; Harvard Business School, and Lancôme.

Today, Mim splits her time between developing original creative projects and acting as a private consultant within the entertainment and media industries– there she provides clarity of vision & mission for film production companies, privately owned businesses, and individual performing, visual, and creative artists.

Jason Robinette COO

Jason is a singer, actor, and game designer. Jason received a half-scholarship to attend the Julliard School as a vocal performance major. He’s performed as a soloist with orchestras and choruses at Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall and performed lead roles from coast to coast and in Europe.

Jason is an internationally-known game designer and consultant who worked with publishers: Topps, Fleer, Hasbro/Wizards of the Coast. His critically-acclaimed design for Conan Collectible Card Game is described as “a novel innovative game”, “rich and deep with great replayability” and “rollicking fun!”Conan CCG has remained in the top 5 ranked CCG’s on since its 2006 release.  For over a decade Jason has been using his mind for strategy and performance, working with industry leaders in media, investment and publishing, primarily dealing with entertainment properties, rights management, product development, marketing and social media.

He is currently the VP of Marketing and Design for Hack and Slash Games. 

  KIRSTEN ALMEIDA, VP, Production Finance
  LESLIE PAQUIN, Executive Consultant
  LAUREEN DUNAWAY, Public Relations Director
  BETHANY PAQUIN, Marketing Consultant
  CORINNE MEADORS, Production Designer
  GEORGE ROBINETTE, Dir. Photography, Editing
  LARISSA MCLAUGHLIN, Key Make-up Artist
  CAROLYN SWICZSZ, Creative Consultant

















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