Frogcatcher Films projects are live action, adventure-filled and family focused films.

Our mission is to create timeless movies that entertain, connect and uplift the human spirit across generations.

Frogcatcher Films entertains young and old alike, by telling stories about unlikely, yet real heroes and unique characters with a significant point of view.  We gladly revisit universal themes, telling them in our own way, and in so doing, ensure that each story is compelling, inspirational and truly takes the audience on a journey.  -We accomplish this without use of gratuitous violence, swearing or gimmicks.

Our audience focus is stable, because our core demographic is family.  We dedicate our artistic focus to this core group, because we are this core group.

Frogcatcher Films is a family-owned and operated company. Each of our employees has children, aging parents, experience working full-time in corporate America and academia. Each has expertise in stage, theater, film, television, art and music industries. Each is well-rounded with interesting hobbies, volunteer pursuits, and most importantly, each is involved in community.  Our staff spans the continent, lives in major cities and small hometowns, from the rural pasture to the suburban sprawl–we rely upon our collective perspective to form each film’s vision–grounding even the most fantastical stories in a living, breathing, heartfelt and tangible reality.

Every generation forms its own legacy to pass down to the next generation. Our legacy forms now.

Frogcatcher Films: Live action. Adventure-filled. Family focused.

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