Our CEO Collaborating as Executive Consultant on “The Kids Menu – Movie”

Mim Paquin, CEO of Frogcatcher Films, LLC adds her talent and expertise to Collaborative Media Productions, LLC first project
“The Kids Menu – movie”.

Mim joins the team as Executive Consultant where she brings her years of experience to make this film project a success!

Collaborative Media Productions, LLC is the brainchild of producer/actress Nyle Lynn and her husband cinematographer Shane Maritch. The New York based media company focuses on bringing together creative professionals who share the founders’ passion for storytelling and artistic collaboration. For the latest information on Collaborative Media Productions, check out the company’s dedicated Facebook page:

This production boasts and dozen–all women producers–team. Each is an accomplished professional in business, creative, technical, performance, and they are all working together to bring this project to life.

Another boast: Every single person who works on this project is paid. Which as we know in the entertainment business, is nearly unheard of. This means, these producers are going out of their way to ensure the company produces the true amount of funds needed to truly and sincerely “produce” this film-short! –Big picture thinking on a short-film.

Mim is incredibly proud to be asked to be a part of this project and is certainly looking forward to see its success.

Of course there is more for me to say about this, so much more…
Here is a short synopsis of the film and our link with our first fundraising video (a sample of the quality and attention to detail that is being put forth in developing this project!)

Short Summary
“The Kids Menu” is a short comedic film about Old School Brooklyn vs. New School Brooklyn, clashing in a local pizzeria. When set-in-his-ways Italian pizzeria owner Carmine (Vincent Pastore, The Sopranos), meets headstrong young mom Kat (Nyle Lynn, Comedy Central) tensions – and calorie counts – rise in this funny, family-friendly film that will have everyone laughing and craving pizza!

‘THE KIDS MENU’ . . . Think “Do The Right Thing” meets “Baby Mama”!
Written by Critically Acclaimed Richard Vetere (Pulitzer nominee The Third Miracle)
Directed by Award Winning Paul Borghese (‘Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn’)
Starring Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos, Bullets Over Broadway)
and Nyle Lynn (Comedy Central)

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