Day 1: Week-long One Year Anniversary Celebration!

A Message from CEO, Mim Paquin

Over the course of this week, we are celebrating the anniversary of the company we started a little over a year ago, Frogcatcher Films, LLC. Our One Year Anniversary is one week from today. The anniversary for the idea was in the beginning of fall of 2013 and the official Anniversary is March 27th, 2014. From fall 2013– through winter 2013/2014– to spring 2014, a company was born.

Our in-house creative concept development has been very fruitful–to the point, it can at times be overwhelming. The ideas and story concepts keep coming– all are in various stages of development. Establishing our voice and point of view within each story, and deciding what reference material is in sync with what we believe is good storytelling has been my primary focus. It’s been a learning experience for me as fledgling CEO, figuring out the day-to-day business while being a pro-actor and pro-singer and wife and mommy, daughter and sister, auntie, niece and friend…

The team COO Jason Robinette and I reached out to for our future productions and projects has been understanding from day one,  they know that we are giving ourselves a reasonable length of time (we’re still in year one of our three-year timeline) for our gestation period, in order to establish and develop our IPs, as well as, try-out working business models. Trying out business models seems like a lot of work for what seems like nothing? It can feel like that at times, but it’s being done our our dime and our time– our sweat equity.

Things that are long-standing do not pop-up out of nowhere. Maybe my candor and transparency here in this post is off-putting to some, but I’m not writing this for those folks. I’m writing this for those who have known me the longest– who have always been in my corner– and have seen the work I’ve done, which always has my heart, soul and truly at times exceeds expectation. So it is to you whom I write this post. You deserve a little insight into the makings-of, since you have been on this life-journey for– in most cases– over twenty-years!

You must know, today I awoke with a great sense of appreciation and I am so thankful we decided to pull up our pant-legs, tie up our boot straps and go on this wild creative and business venture.

Our first business model that looked good on paper– even though kept us in the black– delayed our creative development, which is the core of what we do. Without completed creative properties, we have nothing. So it has been decided that most “client work” is NOT for us.

In the spirit of continued transparency, yes, we will be doing a very modest crowdfunding campaign within this new business year. In the spirit of candor, the idea of asking folks for money to invest in a creative project makes me feel kind of, awkward. I am not going to post sales pitch videos, but I will definitely post some informative and entertaining videos telling you our story and what our hopes are for the future AND how you can be involved –beyond social media and crowdfunding.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your friendship and emotional support. Thank you so, so very much.

I WISH I didn’t work in an industry where sharing a storyline would put the story in jeopardy (having the idea being stolen.) I want to share this one story I’ve had in my head for over a year now and it’s, it’s… argh! I just want to share it with you already!

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