September 26th, 2015

overextending artistsIn the professional world, you do not have to say “yes” to every single opportunity, project or job, in order to be accepted as the positive person you truly are.  Issues with time management seem to be a recurring theme in the artistic community.  Generally speaking of course, the older an artist is, the more likely their time is even more limited with family: spouse, children, aging parents and grandparents (pets included!),– various family-related commitments, performances, sessions, practice, creating new things, networking and lots of travel (planes, trains, AND automobiles!)

We all hit that brick wall and eventually say: I’m exhausted. I’m sick. My brain just isn’t as quick.  I’m creatively dry.  –Can’t make heads or tails of anything anymore.  I’ve lost my sense of direction and purpose.  I’m feeling resentful.  I want to be left alone, so I can just to stare at a wall and breathe.  I feel guilty.  I want to do more, but I physically and mentally can’t.  I guess that I’m not a superhuman after all. Why am I not superhuman!?  I’m only human.  I guess I should accept my limitations, and remember to eat lunch and go to bed before 12am.

No one in your circle of love and support wants to see you suffering in this way, and neither do your colleagues, but the latter doesn’t need to hear about your life challenges.  More often than not, when you just can’t do anymore, you probably do not want to have to explain yourself to your colleagues, because you do not want to come across as negative or a downer- or worse “overwhelmed” or “incapable of managing your stuff.”  We’ve all been there, even so, not all of our professionals want to hear our woes.  -Some do and that’s great.  Oftentimes they will commensurate with you.  But, overall, it’s okay to keep communication simple and cordial, especially with colleagues.  When they ask you to participate, just say, “No thank you.” If you do one thing, RSVP kindly.  Everyone will be all the better for it!  If you do happen to be able to go last minute to whatever the event, project whatever it is, then great!  If you never do, that’s okay too!  As long as you are living each day with a sense of honesty, fulfillment and purpose!  (Even if that purpose is resting until you can get over the flu!)

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