Feb. 28th, 2016: Opening Sequence: Ophidian Observer Chronicles

We have been somewhat radio silent, but that is because we have a lot going on.  In addition to our screenwriting, we are in the middle of working on many different kinds of projects.  One project worth mentioning…

Over the weekend Frogcatcher Films, LLC worked on an opening sequence for a promotional video for Hack and Slash Games KICKSTARTER campaign. Ophidian looks like a really interesting game. The gladiator skill and real-time strategic based game looks very cool!

Creating this opening sequence was A LOT of fun to do. Mim Paquin wrote the copy, recorded, designed the audio, and voice over for it. Digital video design was done by Jason Robinette – all done in less than 24 hours!!

Not only did we produce the opening “Ophidian Observer Chronicle”, but we also produced the Hack and Slash Games digital logo sequence too. Another fun project!!

Do check out out video AND Hack and Slash Games’ KICKSTARTER PAGE if you’re a gamer, you will definitely want to back their incredible project!
HACK AND SLASH GAMES: Kickstarter: Ophidian 2360

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