March 8, 2016: Ophidian Observer Chronicles… Webseries?

We did it again, well, kind of…
Recently we mentioned that we worked on an opening sequence for Hack and Slash Games’ Ophidian 2360 Kickstarter campaign.

We updated video visuals to the Hack and Slash Games Kickstarter  Ophidian Observer Chronicles.
Please support this Ophidian 2360 Kickstarter! Even if you don’t play games, this kickstarter has a back option where you can back the game and have your copy sent to US soldiers!
Hack and Slash Games was established by a US Army Veteran
ALL PRODUCT is Made in the USA!

C’mon, you don’t need us to tell you twice!

For those who do play:
Ophidian 2360, the game itself, has a unique game mechanic, that relies on your skill, as it is real-time strategy-based game. Your skill – not just the cards – is the deciding factor in how you win. Apparently, this mechanic is not common. It is all about how you play and who you play against that makes the game! (Shouldn’t that be the deciding factor? Not chance/solely based on luck of the draw?) Take a moment and back this project!


Since Frogcatcher Films was approached by Hack and Slash Games to create this opening kickstarter video sequence, they began discussing the possibility of producing an on-going web series of Ophidian Observer Chronicles.  The series would feature the newly established characters Marason (an intergalactic observer whose primary purpose is to chronicle and advise regarding the ever-growing threat of Ophidian Lords, who have now reached her home galaxy), and her orbiting spaceship’s on-board artificial intelligence nicknamed H.U.G.O. (Heuristic Universal Geostationary Orbiter spacecraft.) This character does not exist in the Ophidian 2360 game, but she does exist in the Ophidian universe, which was originally  created by American writer Loren L. Coleman, and has since been maintained thanks to the on-going expansion of the Ophidian universe by Portuguese writer Hugo Ferreira. 
We cannot share anymore than that without giving too much away. 

In the meantime watch the 1 minute opening sequence and SUPPORT the OPHIDIAN 2360 KICKSTARTER!!

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