A New Film Production Company Opens Its Doors

Our journey continues…
Highlighting small, yet momentous occasions  is a way to remind ourselves of how far we’ve come in such little time.  Frogcatcher Films, LLC is an independently owned and operated business.  Our first-time projects have been our means of keeping us in the black while we establish our core business: writing scripts and making films.  Our client work has been extremely lucrative
and has the added benefit of establishing our reputation creatively, technically and as ethically sound business professionals.  The Frogcatcher Films’ client list continues to grow longer and longer.  One thing of which we are most proud is seeing these businesses and artists become established with the help of our team.  Without the assistance of investors, Frogcatcher Films, LLC thus far sustains itself financially.  We believe in moving slowly and steadily forward, ensuring neither time or money is wasted.
With Imagination I’ll Get There – Harry Connick, Jr.













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