May 24, 2017

When do we become comfortable exposing our own artistic skin? Creativity comes easily for some. Developing projects, inventing new things, processing new ideas, making something out of nothing – is not easy. It can be truly terrifying to expose the most vulnerable part of oneself: our thoughts, our soul.

Oftentimes it is easier to take comfort in the known art or method of creation– those already tested and universally appreciated ways of doing and producing established by other minds and souls. When we emulate an established artist in our field of interest, we run the danger of casting on their skin to our artistic selves. Certainly, copying is a great way to learn, and imitation is a great form of flattery, but there will come a point when we need to decide to shed the skin of a million influences and become and expose our own unique artistic selves.

When do we become comfortable in our own skin, our own voice, our own methods or processes? You know it when you know it. Like this frog knew that when he saw this swirly twirly blade of grass, that there was where he was meant to be. It expressed his uniqueness and it is within it he’s defined himself.

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